Commissioning a Piece of Furniture

All of George's pieces are made individually to order.  If you have seen something you like on this website, then George would be happy to make a piece again.  The size, design, and materials can of course be adapted to your needs.  If you have existing furniture you would like something to blend in with, or would like an original design, then please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Choosing materials

George can provide samples of materials and finishes.  There are a huge number of woods available, from multi coloured swirling burrs to more subtle formations.  George always enjoys using something new, and would be happy to make suggestions.


George has provided a pricing guide to every piece of furniture on this website.  However, as all of George's pieces are made individually to order, the price can vary slightly, depending on the choice of materials, and any design changes.  

Lead Time

From agreeing a final design George's lead time is normally around 6 to 10 months, however this again can vary.  The design process can also take some time, depending on the level of work needed, 

Delivery and shipping

For the expanding circular dining tables, delivery would normally be included within England.  Mainland Europe would be in the region of £200 - £500, and the rest of the world from £500 - £1,000.  These prices are only a guide however.  To date, George has personally delivered and set up all of his furniture, and he hopes this will continue, where ever this will take him!


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